West Texas summer nights

Photo by: Thomas Jones

Midland, TX- There’s more going on in Midland than just west Texas heat. Baseball is being played and no one knows about it. I was shocked at how little is known about this team that has such a rich history. I recently attended a game on a Tuesday night, and was very surprised at the devoted following of the fan base. I had to educate myself on what all the fuss was about, and what I found was amazing.

The Midland Rockhounds are the double AA affiliate to the Oakland Athletics professional baseball team. The Hounds offer some of the best baseball in Texas as the organization boasts being the four-time Texas League champions with the last title coming in 2017. At any level, in any sport, that is an amazing accomplishment but for a baseball enthusiast, it’s an opportunity to stay connected to the game even in West Texas.

As a retired soldier, and native of Corpus Christi, I have the chance to keep with the Corpus Christi Hooks. The Hooks are the double AA franchise to the 2017 World Champion Houston Astros and play in the same division as the Hounds. The Texas Rangers are also represented with a Frisco franchise also in the same division. So it really doesn’t matter what part of Texas you cheer for, there’s something for everyone.

Minor league baseball provides a great opportunity to see future stars play the game. I’ve had the privilege of seeing some of finest players the Astros organization has to offer. Players like World Series MVP George Springer and American league MVP Jose Altuve started out as Corpus Christi Hooks. Long before they became champions, they were grinding it out in the minors and I got to see it.

I have never had a bad visit to this stadium as the cost of a hotdog doesn’t mean you have to mortgage the house and having a cold adult beverage won’t bankrupt you. The stadium staff is friendly, and I have never had a bad experience at the park. The younger kiddos have a play area out past center field, so the dads can keep up with game while the little ones work off the cotton candy.

This is a great way to get the kids out and enjoy the Texas summer without having to do a lot in the process. So while the kiddos are out of school, make memories, and take them out to the ballgame. Before you know it that cool air will be back and those lights will come back on Friday nights. But until then the lights are on for every home game at Security Bank Field, just a short drive from anywhere in West Texas.

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