The Cowboy Soldier

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Photo by: Thomas Jones

I got a call late on Friday afternoon about a guy playing downtown that I might be interested in checking out. Adam Berry is an active duty soldier assigned to duty in my home town of Corpus Christi, TX. He started a solo career after playing lead guitar and vocals in other groups. He is quickly making his own way in the Texas country scene and the future looks bright for this cowboy soldier.

I had a chance to take in the show at the Whiskey River Saloon this past Friday. As soon as Berry hit the stage I realized what all the talk was about. He has a clear country voice that you can immediately associate as his own. Meaning his voice has a signature, in that if you were to turn on the radio and hear it, you would know immediately who it belonged to. He covered some golden oldies from Strait and Haggard, that showed off his range. “I’m from east Texas, so I realize that if your going to cover the King, you better not jack that up,” Berry said. As a devoted follower of the King, George Strait, I can assure you his majesty would be just fine with Berry covering his songs.

I had a chance to speak to Berry in between sets and while comparing stories of all the locations that he and I had served, every chance he got, he talked about his family. All I kept thinking during our discussions was how humble the man is. He is a genuine throw back to the good old days of Texas music and a solid country gentleman.

I might have some bias, I admit it. Mr. Berry is a soldier and a veteran of the global war on terror, as am I. But I don’t pull punches for anyone or anything when it comes to a show and what I see and hear. Adam Berry is the real deal, his band is on time, and the music is all Texas. Berry gives his time and energy to assist his fellow veterans and law enforcement officers in their moments of need. Sometimes you have to look beyond the music to find the man, what his actions say mean more than the song he sings. I recognize class when I see it and there is no bias in that.

Adam Berry plays the Whiskey River Saloon located in the heart of downtown San Angelo. The atmosphere is country and the place has a great live music feel. It was a perfect setting for a night of good Texas music. If you’re looking for up and coming artists and a nice night out in the downtown area of San Angelo, you can’t go wrong with the Whiskey River Saloon. Check out Adam Berry on his webpage and follow Facebook for future dates and times. Follow the Whiskey River Saloon as well to keep up with their upcoming schedule, you won’t be disappointed.

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