The Cowboy Returns

The Cowboy Returns

San Angelo, TX- It’s been a bit since I posted anything for your viewing and consideration. For good reason, as I have found new and improved ways to help my fellow veterans complete their education goals. For that, I’m truly thankful and blessed to be a part. So what better way to expand on that idea than a part two to a blog I did on the singing soldier Adam Berry.

Adam returned to San Angelo this past weekend to play Whiskey River saloon. As you recall from part one, Mr. Berry is an active duty soldier now stationed in East Texas. His billet isn’t the only change for Berry since his last visit. His music career is about to take a dramatic turn. I can’t go too far with this, but the excitement for his future in music is at an all time high. Talking to him, you could see the grin just wouldn’t quit.

That smile was on full display on Saturday as Adam accepted my invitation to visit with his fellow veterans at the Angelo State university tailgate. Berry played the night before in Brownwood and still made the trip to San Angelo early just to spend time with guys and gals in ASU vets center tent. Anyone that knows anything about Adam, you know that he will go out of his way to help anything military and first responder. Whether it be fund raising, playing a venue on short notice, or in this case, an opportunity to just be SFC Adam Berry fellow veteran, the man will make the effort. A great day was had by all, and maybe a possible return next tailgate season, but more to follow on that at a later date.

As for the reason Adam was in town, playing music for the crowd at Whiskey River saloon. What made this show a bit different is the playing of new original material that will come out later as part of a huge announcement in the very near future. Since I knew about the new songs, I decided to sit out in the crowd with the rest of my fellow common folk, to get their reaction. Ok, if you’ve heard Berry play, you know about the range. But he amazed everyone by covering King George, Garth, and Brooks n Dunn, back to back. One of the nice folks that I talked to couldn’t believe her ears. Her description was something that I can’t print but one word she used was just, “amazing.” Towards the end of the second set, as I was headed to the bar for my last refreshment of the evening, I decided to strike up another conversation with a fellow viewer. I asked her what she thought of the band, and what she said shocked me. She said, “this guy has the talent to be the George Strait of my generation.” I had to check and make sure my glass didn’t have anything in it beside what ordered, because if you get compared to his majesty in any way, that is the highest praise you can get. I had a chance to tell Berry that had been compared to the king and just like him, he laughed, said thanks, but he said, “there is only one King George.”

That sums up Adam Berry in a nutshell. The man is so humble its almost sickening. The difference between those that say it, is that Berry shows it. He will go out of his way to sign shows to benefit veterans, play military bases at a rate that almost makes it look like a free show. But hey, that’s Adam, or as he puts it, “I’m not there to put on a show, I’m playing music for people that need to hear something that’s uplifting, or maybe someone that has lost a husband or wife in combat and just needs to remember. Its more than music and money to me.”

Ok, I know I’m biased and, in this case, I admit it. I’ve liked the guys sound since the first time I heard him play. But now I actually like the man that he is. He’s just a cowboy from East Texas, a family man, and a soldier. He’s a guy I can sit and have a beer with and talk about the good old days of the past, and what good times are on the way. For Adam Berry, those good times are well deserved.

Catch Adam at Vet Fest IV in Austin this upcoming weekend, Nov. 2nd, and be sure to check out his Facebook page at Facebook@AdamBerryband and , for future concert dates.

Special thank you to the fantastic staff at Whiskey River saloon, as always it was a top night and your hospitality never fails to amaze. Thank you.

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