The Concho Palace

San Angelo, TX- Friday nights in Texas usually mean its time to pull out the boots and jeans and head out for some life entertainment. In San Angelo, Friday nights mean the Concho Palace for your dancing and adult consumption.

I went out to the palace this past Friday for the Cory Morrow concert and I was not disappointed. The staff is friendly and courteous, and there was plenty of room to move around during the show. The palace really gives that urban cowboy slash sawdust on the dance floor feel. The only dust was on the dance floor as the venue was clean and didn’t give off that bar smell that some closed in bars will.

The staff had a smile and always gave that down-home feel, as if you were a welcomed guest. Glasses were clean, and the adult bottled beverages were cold, so the refreshments were kept well. Conversation was always friendly and since the venue is so large, you don’t have to shout to have a conversation.

One of the things you’ll notice right away is the welcome you get from the door to the table. You will probably meet one of the owners during your walk and the handshake will be waiting. This is a locally owned and operated establishment, so the owners are very involved in its success.

After walking around and taking in the environment I struck up conversations with staff and immediately found the owners hire veterans. As a retired soldier, its very refreshing to know that local business owners hire the best. Its also worth noting that at 9 pm, the national anthem is played in the venue. It’s a chilling scene to see your fellow citizens stand and applaud at the playing of our nation’s anthem.

I live across town from the venue but its worth the uber ride to visit the palace. Concerts seem to be scheduled out for everyone to make plans well in advance so plan ahead, don’t drink and drive, and have a great time when you get the chance to visit this West Texas dance hall. I know I will be back when I have a free Friday night. For everyone outside the limits of San Angelo, its worth the drive in for good music, good people, and good fun.

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